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Swanson Serrazimes, 40 000 Units – 60 caps


Swanson Serrazimes, 40,000 units, pack contains: 60 capsules.

Sku: P32644

Swanson Serrazimes

  • Serrapeptidase is a highly efficient proteolytic (protein-breaking) enzyme originally discovered in a bacterium found in the gut of the silkworm.
  • Years of investigative research suggest that this unique enzyme may have tremendous health-promoting potential with applications for joint health, blood circulation, respiratory functions and immune defense.
  • Swanson Ultra Optimum Po tency Serrazimes contains an innovative, vegetarian-friendly source of Aspergillus cultured serrapeptidase through a process developed by enzyme experts at the National Enzyme Company.
  • Serrapeptidase activity is measured in “serratiopeptidase units” and this formula provides a powerful 40,000 units per capsule compared to only 20,000 in our original high potency supplement.








The Swanson brand has been on the market since 1969, when it introduced its first product - Vitamin E in tablets. Since then, it has expanded its portfolio with various other products that are of the highest quality. Swanson tests its products, as well as the ingredients in them, internally and externally, which is confirmed by various certificates and awards. The American brand has its loyal customers and is also trusted by partners such as Pop Sugar, Reader's Digest, Shape, Men's Health or Entrepreneur.

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