Why choose vegan nutritional supplements (even if you’re not vegan)?

Why choose vegan nutritional supplements (even if you’re not vegan)?

If you are vegan or vegetarian – your choice is clear when it comes to nutritional supplements. After all, we all know that it is not only about the origin of the active ingredient in the nutritional supplement, but also about secondary additives that may come from animal products (such as gelatin). So, without hesitation, you reach for a nutritional supplement labeled “Vegan” or “Vegetarian”.

But if you are a classic carnivore or “flexitarian”, you ask – “Why should I use vegan/vegetarian nutritional supplements? What makes them better?”. And precisely for all those who are still hesitating about the choice of nutritional supplements marked “vegan/vegetarian”, we bring 4 reasons WHY:


Our body differentiates between natural and synthetic nutrients and by recognizing the natural ones better, they have better bioavailability. For example, one study showed that if we take natural vitamin E, the body can absorb it up to 2x more compared to the synthetic alternative. Research has also confirmed that natural ingredients have a longer-term effect than synthetic ones and help reduce the level of oxidative stress.


Nowadays, we very much like to rely on nutritional supplements to supply the body with the necessary nutrients. However, we forget that food supplements can also harm us, especially if we use them more than necessary. The body can eliminate more water-soluble vitamins (vitamins C and group B), but it is worse with fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K). In addition, if we use synthetic nutritional supplements, our body can also be “infested” with unwanted substances. Therefore, it is more appropriate to bet on natural nutritional supplements when choosing.

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Nutritional supplements labeled “Vegan” and “Vegetarian” are more suitable for allergy sufferers, as they have fewer side effects. Also, such supplements tend to be free of GMOs, preservatives, sugars and synthetic chemicals, making them safer to use.


Whether you’re vegan/vegetarian or not, you have to admit one thing – natural nutritional supplements are more ethical. Even small steps can help nature and the planet. Nowadays, the consumption and production of nutritional supplements is really at its peak, and so – although you cannot imagine your life without eating meat, you can make a small better step at least when choosing nutritional supplements.

“Humans are part of nature, so they should not be against it”

Marc Bekoff