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Veganova saw the light of day in the middle of the year 2023, with the aim of connecting the passion for a healthy lifestyle and the online world. But from the beginning, Veganova is not a completely ordinary e-shop with nutritional supplements, but it has a soul and represents a certain vision of how the world should proceed, so that the Earth can stay beautiful place for us and for our kids.

Only for vegans? Absolutely not!

Although Veganova combines two words: Vegan and Nova, which predisposes the brand to be purely vegan, the truth is that we want to be here for non-vegans as well. Veganova is created for everyone who cares about what they put into their own body in the form of food and nutritional supplements, and at the same time cares about sustainability and nature.

"It is our duty to keep the body in good and healthy condition. Otherwise, we will not have a pure and firm mind." Buddha

Veganova is an online store that selects for you the best global brands and products that are vegan quality, with a clean label and (or) produced with love and certain values towards consumers and nature.

Why in brackets or? Because it is not always easy for a brand to produce a product with vegan certification. Therefore, when choosing products and brands, we always take into account how their products are manufactured and what raw materials are used.

visions and values

Mission nr.1: The better world!

The Veganova brand personifies the high quality of the offered brands and products, so that together with you we support those producers who deserve it, because they take into account the consumer and nature.

Veganova is here for vegans, non-vegans, allergy sufferers, athletes, sportsmen and for all followers of a healthy lifestyle who also care about their health, as well as sustainability and nature.

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