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Nutrend Delicious Vegan, Latte Macchiato – 450g
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Vegan protein Nutrend Delicious Vegan containing vegetable protein from peas, chickpeas, hemp and pumpkin. The protein is enriched with a cereal mix and DigeZyme: a mixture of digestive enzymes. Rich in iodine, iron, vitamin B2, B12 and Omega 3 fatty acids. Protein content: 60%. Flavor: Latte Macchiato. Package contents: 450g.
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Nutrend Glutamine (300g)
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300 g
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Nutrend Glutamine, package contains: 300g
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Nutrend Mineral Zinc 100% Chelate, 15mg – 100 vkaps
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Vegan nutritional supplement containing zinc in chelate form Nutrend Mineral Zinc 100% Chelate 15mg is suitable for strengthening immunity, especially during flu season, as well as healthy reproductive system and hair, nails, skin. Package contents: 100 vegan capsules.